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REI Benchmarks

Once I began actively seeking out survey markers, I noticed that my local REI Store (San Diego) had a custom benchmark set in the sidewalk centered on the front doors, the mark included the store location, the date it opened, and its elevation Above Sea Level (ASL).  I thought this was a pretty cool thing, so I snapped a photo. Later that week I happened to visit the Encinitas store and lo-and-behold, they had a mark too! 

So now collecting REI Benchmarks is part of my Survey Mark Scavenger Hunting. This gallery is organized in the order I recovered the mark, so the most recent additions will be at the bottom (or end) of the gallery. Each photo includes a link to the store's main website (opens in a new window).

Apparently, not all stores have a benchmark I spoke with the manager at the North Ridge, CA store and he said they opened in 1991 before they started setting benchmarks at each store. For those stores that don't have a mark, I've created a placeholder graphic to note that. 

I've also read that there is a store that has an additional benchmark inside the store near the climbing gear 🤔 

The Gallery

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